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  • Alicia went way beyond ...
    My wife and I had always dreamed of living in Key Largo. We are going to retire in a few years, so we began looking for a home we could afford, from $350,000 to $400,000. After three months of constant searching, we found nothing but frustration in a very difficult market in our price range. It became clear we needed to find one of the best realtors in the Florida Keys if we were going to have a chance to make our dream come true. So, we researched, asked around, compared all the realtors in the area, and chose Alicia Lozano. She was happy to represent us, and within the first week, she was able to show us three homes based on our preferences. One of them was OUR HOME, the one we just closed on, after only one-and-a-half months! During the closing, we were in a mild state of shock, wondering how we got so lucky. But luck had nothing to do with it. It had to do with taking the time to find the most talented, knowledgeable, and trustworthy realtor who has a pulse on the area; a person who could lead and help us every step of the way. We needed a skilled expert in the mortgage and home buying process who we could easily reach by phone, text, or email to answer our questions and help guide us to make good decisions. Alicia Lozano is that person. She went way beyond what any other realtor would ever do for us. In our opinion, we found our home because we consciously picked the top realtor in the Florida Keys. She doesn't know it until she reads this, but she almost single-handedly made our dream come true. It has truly changed our lives forever, and it's paved the way for our happily ever after while living in paradise! We will never be able to repay you, Alicia. Thank you so much! ūüėä

    Orlando and Heyssell
  • Alicia made our dream come true
    We are so pleased with our Realtor, Alicia Lozano! I had always wanted a house in The Keys and she made that dream come true! Alicia is very knowledgeable about the area and specifically our community. She is very responsive to messages and made the closing on our Key Largo home easy from start to finish. Living in the area, Alicia knew where to direct us for anything we would need ‚Äď from utilities to pest control to great places to eat. Alicia is not just a Realtor, she is caring about her buyers and we are proud to call her our friend. Bob and Judy

    Bob and Judy
  • Whether you are buying or selling, having her in your side will be helpful
    In February, I bought a place in Key Largo. One of the most positive sides of that purchase was my Realtor Alicia Lozano. Why? Simple, she was in top of every detail and highly organized. She is easy to work with, even when there were hard issues to deal with. This made my purchase a smooth transaction. Alicia was always willing to help and go a step beyond the call of duty. She is not only amicable, but also responsive and knowledgeable. She will help you beyond closing day. Whether you are buying or selling, having her in your side will be helpful. And I truly mean it Alicia. Gery P.

    Gery P
  • We love Alicia and you will, too!

    My husband and I found Alicia Lozano through a Craigslist ad when we started our Florida Keys "search."  Right away we were impressed with her friendly, professional demeanor.  We arranged to meet the following weekend in Key Largo and she immediately started the search for properties meeting our criteria and forwarding the listing information.  The search took many weeks and Alicia was always there with us!  The first property we found did not work out but eventually we found the perfect place (much better than the first).  Then we encountered the "financing nightmare!"  But Alicia would not give up until we had "success"!!!  She located a mortgage company that was able to provide exactly the terms we needed!!  My husband and I truly feel if it had not been for Alicia's perseverance, we would not own the "perfect place!"  We finally closed in late December on our beautiful piece of the Florida Keys located in Little Torch Key!  We love Alicia and you will, too!

    H. Abin, Little Torch Key, FL
  • Alicia worked with me on our game plan.

    It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Alicia Lozano in the listing and sale of my home in Key Largo, FL. The experience at each phase of the sale effort was superior, such as staging and effective showings. I listed with another agent before Alicia and he did not understand the unique situation. Alicia was wonderful. She worked with me on our game plan. She also gave wise counsel along the way.

    Being an out-of-town seller, I had certain concerns but Alicia was always available to me either through e-mail, text, or telephone. I would be very happy to give Alicia my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one. She is a true professional and will offer you quality realtor experience.

    Thank you Alicia!

    G. Pisa, New York
  • She has always taken that extra step...
    I would like to state that Alicia has been my Realtor for the past 3 years. I have bought four Investment Properties with her help. I would highly recommend Alicia as she has always conducted herself in the most professional manner. She has always taken that extra step to make sure that I was getting the best deal possible. My rental properties are all in the Keys even thought I live in Broward. I can count on her help whenever something arises on any of my rental properties or with my tenants. She has the highest integrity and honesty and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her for all your Real Estate needs. SAIA Rentals, Hollywood, FL

    SAIA Rentals, Hollywood, FL
  • You went above and beyond to make this sale happen
    Thank you for all your hard work with getting my mother's house sold. Your dedication and professionalism was very much appreciated. The "little things" you did on your own initiative made the difference in us getting top dollar for the house. You went above and beyond to make this sale happen. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Key Largo area.

    L. Perry

    L. Perry, New Jersey

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